Animal Health Technologist
"I’m happy here. There’s really nothing that could take the place of my job."

Darlene is our veterinary technologist and the unofficial caretaker of the clinic’s furrier staff members. She has over 30 years of experience in the veterinary industry, but she’s been looking out for animals since she was a little girl. Always the one to bring home a wounded bird or hungry stray, Darlene’s career in animal care was almost inevitable, but it didn’t start until she got hired on at a rescue shelter to feed and clean its tenants. What was intended to be a temporary position has blossomed into a life-long career that Darlene plans to continue until she’s at least 70 years old.

At home she looks after three cats and three dogs, which might seem like a handful, but for Darlene it’s only natural. She’s had an admiration for animals since her first cat, Bubbles, as young girl. With a love for her patients and her coworkers, Darlene has been growing alongside the Lakeside Veterinary Clinic since 1996—and she couldn’t be happier doing it.