Our Team

Get to know the Lakeside staff

With their own unique personalities, our pets are like people, and that’s how they’re treated at the Lakeside Veterinary Clinic. Getting to know our patients and their owners is central to the reliable, personalized care that they deserve.

Having worked around the world, caring for everything from giraffes to German shepherds, the Lakeside staff is prepared for any challenge that comes into the clinic. Our desire to help animals drives everything we do, including our ongoing work with local shelters to heal and house the animals in our community. We’ve even adopted a few friends of our own, and now they’re full members of the Lakeside team.

Whether you’re dealing with an emergency, or you’re just looking for some trustworthy advice, the staff at the Lakeside Veterinary Clinic always has time to help.

Staff Members

Everyone at Lakeside brings their own experiences and insights to the team, but it’s the way we work together that makes us unique. Allan, Hanan, Darlene, Tracey, Patricia, and Marita make up a family of animal lovers who live for their work. Between us, there’s always something to be learned, and there’s always a hand to be lent.





The Pets

You might notice that some of the staff at Lakeside is a bit shorter and fuzzier than the rest, but they’re all still a part of our team and our family. All of our cats have their own stories and personalities, but each of them was adopted by the clinic in order to save them from being euthanized. Since then, they’ve all improved their conditions and become our personal companions.