A Link in the Chain


To most veterinarians, animal care is more than a profession—it’s a personal goal that drives us to do what we do. That’s especially true here at Lakeside. The desire to help our voiceless companions is what drew each of us into our careers, and it continues to pull us into work every day. Even before he practiced at Lakeside, our own Dr. Schienbein had volunteered his talents in communities across the world. Working with Canadian Crossroads International in Suriname and with the Christian Veterinary Mission in Kenya, Uncle Allan shared his skills and knowledge with the local people to improve their quality of life along with the lives of their animals.

The setting may have changed, but for the Lakeside staff the sentiment remains the same. That’s why we’ve decided to team up with local rescue shelters to help the displaced animals in our communities receive the healthcare and loving homes they deserve. The way we see it, we’re just a single link in the larger chain of animal care. This chain consists of dedicated individuals who sacrifice their energy to help these animals—whether that’s through fund-raising, transportation, or foster care—and it’s a process we’re honoured to be a part of.
In over ten years of working with local shelters, we’ve seen too many furry faces to count, but there are a few particular organizations whose contributions we could never forget. The committed volunteers at SCARS, Zoe’s Animal Rescue, and NASAP have all continually displayed a level of devotion that makes us proud to call them our partners. Through our work with these organizations, we’ve been able to treat countless animals who otherwise might’ve had to go without the care they required.
We offer free examinations for any animals adopted from one of our partners because we want them to start their new lives in good health. As a link in the chain of animal care, it’s our responsibility. We’ve been fortunate enough to see the chain growing stronger in the time we’ve been involved, as local shelters are becoming more numerous and well-funded, but there’s always more that can be done. If you’re interested in linking up, consider volunteering your time or adopting an animal in need from one of our partners.
-Dr. Allan Schienbein